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Updated: 1 day ago

What I have I been up to

It has been a while since I last wrote in my blog. To be honest writing is a real chore for me…as such I am making a promise to myself to write one entry a month.

What have I been up to, lots of good things. First and foremost, I finally have my own dungeon space, again. It’s a private space in my apartment located on the upper west side. Why venting will be extra important.

I am sure you are asking yourself if I am fully equipped and yes, I AM. I have a St. Andrews cross, spanking bench, pray kneeling bench.

This also means I will be creating content and creating a loyalfans account.

I had the pleasure of meeting Countess Dionysius in Greece last year, only to find out she lives really close to each other. What better place then @NYCColletive, 22Level Studio, to start my journey into being a content creator.

Besides setting up the new dungeon I have been learning medical play, starting with sharps. I have already done sounding, and just love it.

My first class was staples and have already done one session. LOVE!!

Medical was such a hard limit for me for the longest time. As a voyeur I enjoyed, but only from a distance. Really my hard limit was blood. As we all know you should never say never, because here I am not only gaining new skills, but enjoying mucho

Last but not least I am learning German…

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  • mschellenyc

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

  1. I have a big fascination for spiders, bugs and all insects.

  2. I like dark alleys...

  3. I grew up on Long Island, near Long Beach

  4. I am first generation American, not sure if I am so proud of that now

  5. I have a small dog, Sophie, whom I adore

  6. I love the summer and heat!!

  7. I love to travel

  8. I adore yummy food, that can be a Michelin star or a roadside joint.

  9. I have 15 tattoos

  10. I was born to lead

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  • mschellenyc

Being a lifestyle Pro Dom, my approach is more organic than a scripted play by play action scene. I do not work well with being told what I should do and how I should do it.

Sharing as much detailed information about your fetish /kink journey, allows me to tailor an experience unique to you. What are your hard limits, what is a maybe. What is a YES!!!

[ That includes any medical conditions I should be aware. Your full consent, with the understanding that we can stop the scene at any time.]

We all have that kernel of kink, that one thing that really gets our heart racing. Subsequently, with all the toys in my toolbox (things that are on the table) I create a loose script in my head of our session but ultimately, I let the energy free flow during our session. I read your body language, and sense you. Sense what is working, what actions or words are you reacting to.

Site note for newbies and experienced bottoms. C­­­oming with an open mind and no expectations allows for the best experience. This is about feeling, not thinking or trying to control.

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