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What a session with Ms Chelle looks like

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Being a lifestyle Pro Dom, my approach is more organic than a scripted play by play action scene. I do not work well with being told what I should do and how I should do it.

Sharing as much detailed information about your fetish /kink journey, allows me to tailor an experience unique to you. What are your hard limits, what is a maybe. What is a YES!!!

[ That includes any medical conditions I should be aware. Your full consent, with the understanding that we can stop the scene at any time.]

We all have that kernel of kink, that one thing that really gets our heart racing. Subsequently, with all the toys in my toolbox (things that are on the table) I create a loose script in my head of our session but ultimately, I let the energy free flow during our session. I read your body language, and sense you. Sense what is working, what actions or words are you reacting to.

Site note for newbies and experienced bottoms. C­­­oming with an open mind and no expectations allows for the best experience. This is about feeling, not thinking or trying to control.

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